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The new "Impressions" report gives you a clear "impression" of your community.
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** Quadrennium is a current national religious survey of American Beliefs, Preferences and Practices. ** Survey data includes local community information for beliefs about God, beliefs about Jesus, and beliefs about social and moral issues. In addition, the survey includes religious affiliations and preferences, faith and religious involvement, reasons for non-participation, life concerns and program or ministry preferences. Read MORE Today! offers competitive pricing, the most up-to-date statistics, and free training and support for all of their demographic products.

Join the over 110,000 churches who have made and the MI PeopleView System their strategic partner in mission planning and church planting. Let us help you make your mission a success with church demographics from!!

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MissionInsite  Annual Subscription With an annual subscription, you receive UNLIMITED access to all of our demographic reports, our mapping and analysis tools, and "build your own" UNLIMITED custom reports.

Instead of receiving a single report for a single study area, the annual subscription allows you to explore EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD within your choice of either a 10 or 15 mile radius. It's not enough to know who lives in your ministry annual subscription uncovers WHERE they live.

With an annual subscription, you have UNLIMITED access to the ministry opportunities within your community. It truly is the best value from ChurchInsite!

Only $595.00 for unlimited access within a 10 mile radius, and $795 for a 15 mile radius!

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A "quick look" at your community - no dictionary needed!

ChurchInsite QuickInsite Report
Have you ever wanted a "quick" look at your community, without having to bring a dictionary to the table? QuickInsite is your report.

A colorful eleven page introduction to your community built on the latest 2010 Census, including current year and five year projections for population, households and families in the study area, as well as ten year forecasts for population and households. The New QuickInsite includes StoryView and ThemeView, built around ten demographic indicators for your study area.

Themes include Population and Households, Age, Education and Career Status, Community Diversity (including the New MOSAIC lifestyle types), Financial Resources and Religiousity. QuickInsite integrates data themes and colorful graphics to assist in providing you with "quickinsite" into your community. QuickInsite is perfect for first-time users of demographic information.

Buy a QuickInsite report today for only $90.00!

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Our Best Seller! 12 Essential "Insites" For Your Church!

ChurchInsite Executive Report
This 16-page report views your community through the lens of 12 essential "Insites" critical to the development of effective ministry. It is specifically designed to provide valuable interpretation of the data.

Built upon the latest 2010 Census, data include current year updates, often integrating five-year projections and ten-year forecasts, as well as the New MOSAIC lifestyle types.

In addition, the ExecutiveInsite Report includes charitable giving and religious practices from the Simmons Market Research Group. This is an excellent demographic report to use with church leaders to support imaginative ministry planning.

Buy the bestselling ExecutiveInsite for only $185.00!

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The Most Comprehensive Report We Offer!

ChurchInsite FullInsite Report
FullInsite is MissionInsite's most comprehensive view of your community. It includes 33 pages of community demographic information integrating data, graphs and interpretive analysis with an industry leading new format through StoryView, TrendView and ThemeView all in full color.

FullInsite is built upon the latest 2010 Census including current year and five year projections for population, households and families in the study area, as well as ten year forecasts for population and households.

If you want high level detail for population trends, age, income, ethnicity, the New MOSAIC Household Portraits and much more...then this is the report for you.

Get our FullInsite Report for only $298.00!

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The character of a community in one concise report.

ChurchInsite Impressions Report
The Impressions Report provides an impression of an area's "character", including likely overall mood and values and community inclinations across a set of twenty different value questions.

It is called "Impressions" because unlike normally reported demographic data which counts population, ethnicity, income, households and/or housing characteristics, this report has been created using Experian's Simmons Consumer Behavior information.

With information updated each year, Impressions is a helpful way to begin exploring the mood, attitudes and behaviors of your ministry area and is an excellent companion to QuickInsite, ExecutiveInsite or FullInsite.

Buy an Impressions Report for only $75.00! *BEST DEAL!* Buy any of the other Insite Reports, and get the Impressions Report for only $50.00!

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